Kentucky Eagle

Kentucky Eagle

Date Founded:

  • 1948


  • 2440 Innovation Dr., Lexington, KY 40511

Number of Employees:

  • 170


  • Tate Russell (President)
  • David Stubblefield (VP/Gen. Manager)
  • Jim Gann (VP Sales & Marketing)
  • Rusty Dyer (VP of Operations)

Malt Suppliers:

Anheuser Busch, Yuengilng, Country Boy Brewing Co., Blue Stallion, Mirror Twin, Ethereal Brewing, Rock House, Craft Standard, Jarfly Brewing, New Belgium, Lexington Brewing Co., Sierra Nevada, Congo Brands, Maiden City Brewing, Bang, Lemons Mill, Geloso Beverage Group, Sweetwater Brewing Co., Vermont Hard Cider, Prestige Beverage Group, Wiseacre, Falls City Brewing, Pivot Brewing, Future Proof, Cornerstone, Talking Rain

Wine & Spirits Portfolio:

Boutinot USA, Don & Sons, Sazerac Company, Future Proof, Joseph Victori Wines, Origins Organics, Lexington Brewing Spirits, Slrrrp, Mattingly Bourbon 30, Kysela Pere & Fils, LTD., Marussia, Lovers Leap Winery, Backyard Spirits LLC, Southwest Wines, Palm Bay Intl, Innovino Intl, Merican Mule, ASV Wines, Scotto Cellars, Wein Bauer, Southern Starz, Vineyard Varieties, KRA-ZE, LLC Bower Hill, Well Oiled Wines, United Spirits, Inc., WV Fruit & Berry, Davies Family Selections, Copa Di Vino, Laird & Co., August Wine Group, KY Senator Spirits, Minhas Distillery, USA Wine West LLC, Precept Wine, Domaine St. George Winery, Anheuser Busch, 3 Badge Enology, Underground Wine Project, Venge Winery ,Indigo Wine Group, Old Forge Distillery, Conexport Italy SRL, Lasco – Nina’s Naturals, Wildcat Brothers, Axios, Hook & Ladder, Blue Rook Cane Spirits, Bloody Point Mixing Co., Daylight Wine & Spirits, Brain Brew Ventures, Van Duzer Winery, Wildside Winery, Pedroncelli, TC Craft Spirits, Blaize & Brooks, 9 Dragons LLC, Old Hillside Bourbon, 21 Holdings LLC, Dry Fly Spirits, Family & Farmers, Wine Bridge Imports, Miner Family Wines, Freedom Moonshine, Veriano Food & Spirits, Blackwoods Spirits, Levecke Corporation, Askari Wines, Headframe Spirits, Cannon Wines LTD, Copper Fox, Frank-Lin Distillery, Egan – Levecke, Wildcat Willy’s Distillery, Rock Wall Wine Company, Tyee Cellars, Spindrift Cellars, Levendi Wines, Vinosphere, Forbidden Brands, Barjack Distillery, Airline Winery, Laurel Glen Vineyards, Prospect Brands, KOI Global, Olde Town, Distillery, Boich Family, Seaview Imports


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